MimoSDR is a product that allows you to play back radio traffic in near real time. If you ever miss a dispatch page, because of static or distance, you'll be able to use this system to play back that audio. We can also record your primary radio channel and your dispatch channel so you also have access to these systems. Any subscription to MimoSDR includes access to the FRES / SCPD P25 system as a bonus.

MimoSDR is often used as a way to build an entire call from start to finish for QA/QI. You can hear the message on the pct talk group, hear your dispatch, know all of the units involved from your and other departments (if their audio is on the system as well), and capture radio traffic from hospital-north or hospital-south, so corrlate the PCR information with the presentation to the hospital. Using all of this, you can build a really strong picture of what happened on the assignemnt and the providers frame of mind during the process.

Audio playback is saved for 2 years and counting right now. We capture A LOT of audio. Several terabytes at this point in time and that keeps on going up. This system allows you to reply calls from your cellphone or computer, anywhere in the world. You can for example listen to a call being dispatched from your phone while you are across the world and still have access to the internet.

We will place an audio receive site in your dispatch office (or the building that is nearest your repeater transmit site) that will capture the audio traffic and upload it to our system. That audio is then made available within seconds of the transmission being completed on the site.

$100/freq/month OR $1000/freq/year